Dilan Kilic

Dilan Kilic

5 Ideas to Celebrate This Women’s Day

  1. Don’t be afraid to dress up 

This is our day. One single day in the year to be not afraid. One day that we can walk on the streets as free as we want. We only have one day. So why spend it with fear? Wear your favorite dress, put on your favorite make up. Even put a bit glitter if you feel like. You deserve this!

2. Make your own creative sign

Signs are important. They go viral. They get deep into our minds. They matter. Meet with your favorite girl gang and have a sign creation day. You will have so much fun- and make something that will last.

3. March (but don’t forget to have fun as well)
March, march, march. And when the march is finished- find your way to a party! It’s our day- and there is nobody who deserves more than us to have fun on this day.

4. Invite men friends
To change something only for the half percentage of the nation is hard. Take hand on a man friend and bring him with you to the street!

5. Be YOU
Remember once more today that you being you is just enough!

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