Dilan Kilic

Dilan Kilic

What is Feminism? (and what it isn’t)

Feminism (n) : the advocacy of women’s rights on the ground of the equality of the sexes. Explained by the Oxford dictionary.

Women’s fight for their rights started on 19th century. Here we are, 2 centuries, actual 200 years later, still fighting for it!

There has been 3 waves of feminism, on the first wave, women focused on getting equal property and voting rights. Second wave feminists fighted for equality and anti-discrimination. Third wave was a reaction to second wave’s prividleging of white and straight women.

Okay, let’s make one thing clear: FEMINISM IS NOT MEN HATE.

Yes, you can love men and be a feminist. (We just hope that the men you love are feminists as well)

Feminism to us has a simple meaning: WOMEN EQUALS MEN. Period.

And by saying that, we do believe that there is more than just men and women. There is queer people. There is trans men. There is trans women. So actually feminism to us means that Humans should be equal regardless of what their expression of gender is- or seems like.

Having said that, not everyone has to express their gender inside a name. They want be just ‘’themselves’’ and that’s also okay. Can they be still feminists? Yes.

What do you actually mean when you say that ‘’You are not a feminist’’?

You mean that you do not believe a woman who worked as much hours as a man and has the same qualifications should get paid the same.

You mean that a woman can not be in a job just because it is perceieved to be a man job.

You mean that women do not deserve as much as men do.

I am a feminist. You should be one too. We all need to be feminists.

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