About Us

The Femminent Story

Our mission is to empower women around the world

We have a dream: a world in which men and women have equal rights and equal pay. And we believe that big changes require small improvements. Even if one man can act differently after seeing a slogan on his woman peer’s dress, then it means that our dreams became reality. 

Dilan Kilic

The Face Behind Femminent

All my life, I’ve always been discriminated just because I was a women. Coming from country where women is not validated, society made me feel that I was not enough, I had to be a man to be taken seriously.

After a long journey of finding myself, I understood that I was enough and I created this mission for myself: to make women all over the world to feel that they are enough. Because the first step to achieve better, is to believe.

Femminent is the rebel all inside of us, the rebellion of that little girl who’s told she can’t be as good as a man. Femminent is the revolution of strong women to be more present and confident than ever, so that our daughters won’t have to fight anymore.

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